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AKIOS S-Line 656 SCM Reel

AKIOSTM S-Line "Sportcast Shuttle"
656 SCM Reel

for Competitive Advantage


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"In June of 2011 I was sent a couple of reels to test. They were a new brand, Akios. I put the reels through the paces using fishing casts and full blown tournament casts. I performed head to head comparisons with my tried and true personal favorite fishing reels. The Akios reels blew my reels away.

"I was so impressed that I became a dealer. Akios reels are the perfect match for Cast Pro Series rods." -Tommy Farmer

Akios Reels 656 SCM Sportcast Shuttle Specs.

Price: $330.00


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  • 656SCM
  • 656SCM