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If you're serious about surf fishing the beaches of North Carolina, or anywhere else on the East Coast, the Gulf or the West Coast, then you'll need the best gear. This website offers Cast Pro Series factory built rods that have all components (guides, reel seat, foam grips) assembled at the factory. We also offer rod blanks, Akios reels, fishing rigs, Tournament sinkers, Sakuma casting & fishing line, and our very own Carolina Cast Pro T-shirts. Browse...

I've been surf fishing Fort Fisher, Carolina Beach, and Cape Hatteras North Carolina for over 25 years. Take it from a surf casting tournament pro, this is the best surf casting equipment available.

Akios Reels We offer Akios Reels. AkiosTM reels have been especially designed to suit the very demanding world of beach and shore fishing that requires absolute precision and finest tolerances to enable to cast, brake and retrieve the lead and baits of the angler. When you need a tough, dependable surf casting reel, AkiosTM is the solution. Learn more...

Akios service, parts and custom built Akios reels.


HUMONGOUS Black Drum Caught by Trae Jones somewhere on the eastern shore of VA. Beached using a CPS 13í 3-6 rod and an Akios 656 reel.

gold drum
"At 47 inches It is not the biggest drum Iíve caught but the color on this fish was amazing." -Tommy Farmer


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Have you ever been frustrated because you couldn't reach the fish? Learn how to cast baits 100, 150, even 200 yards out. Reach the fish feeding beyond that 2nd bar! Master the techniques and gear that will increase your casting range.

Hello! I'm competitive distance casting Champion Tommy Farmer. I offer surf casting lessons and seminars for fisherman, and ladies, who are serious about surf fishing. I'll teach you how to reach the fish, just like I've been doing for over 25 years.

I love North Carolina surf fishing. Contact me today to schedule your private lessons, or to book a group seminar, and begin surf casting like a pro!

Testing Akios 666 Reel Here I am testing the Akios 666 MML3 Tourno reel. Learn more and watch more, in my surf casting videos library.

CPS Custom extended rods are available. Want even more distance? Our 12'8" 4-8, 13' 3-6, 6-10 and 8-12 rods and blanks are available with custom reinforced extended butt sections. Can be made up to 15' long at customer's request. Call or email me for more details!!


So I had the opportunity to spend a few hours with Tommy Farmer a couple of weeks ago. I was interested in learning to cast farther. Like a lot of people I see on the beach I thought that I cast about 300 feet. Just ask anyone you see fishing in Virginia Beach and they will tell you that they can cast 8 and bait about 100 yards. Since I threw about the same distance that they did I thought I was in the ballpark. I was wrong. My first cast with Tommy went 222 feet measured by Tommyís laser. Wow what a letdown, more on that later.

Tommy is a great guy. I liked him as soon as I met him. Even with all of his accomplishments he is still humble. He wasnít there to tell me how great he was, but rather to help me reach my goals. Since I didnít know what I was capable of, my goals were unclear even to me. I asked him to start out with the basics. After some instruction on the mechanics we started casting first with my spinning gear. Before I knew it I was throwing farther than I ever have.

Then I started working with Tommyís casting reel. I had never in my life thrown a conventional reel before so I had some minor blow ups but I started to get the hang of it. Tommy kept asking if I had any questions, but he explained things so well that I couldnít think of any. I just did what he told me to do and I came just 14 feet of doubling my distance. My last cast was 429 feet. I will tell you that such an improvement was more than I had hoped for. I might have gone farther but Iím old and was getting tired.

The bottom line is. If you want to improve your casting and be able to put it where the fish are then go take a lesson with Tommy Farmer. You wonít regret it.

Skip - Posted 9/19/2015


North Carolina surf casting lessons and seminars

High N DRY waders
High N DRY waders
Iíve never been excited about a pair of waders, until now! Here's why...

North Carolina surf fishing Cape Hatteras
shim "Surf fishing Fort Fisher and Carolina Beach are my favorite local fishing spots. And during the spring and fall I love surf fishing Cape Hatteras for Red Drum and Striper. Fighting and landing a big Red Drum from the surf is very exciting, and challenging. Surf Fishing led me to long distance casting. In turn, this sparked my interest in competitive distance casting."
- Tommy

my largest ever drum shim "I caught my largest ever drum on Oct. 19th, 2015. It measured 51 inches in length and 34 inches in girth." - Tommy

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